NVTV – Tony Redhouse (Navajo Nation)

Cihuapilli Rose Amador LeBeau interviews Tony Redhouse (Navajo Nation) on Native Voice TV.

Redhouse travels throughout ‘Indian Country‘ as a Singer, Flutist and Dancer. He provides Native American ‘Spirituality‘ through his music, songs and dance.

Redhouse speaks about his family of six with each being a Native American performer. His family tries to make ‘Modern Society‘ aware of Native Cultural Spirituality
through their performances.

Redhouse speaks about his ‘Regalia’ especially his ‘Beadworks‘, their colors and symbols which represent his past, present and future.

Tuesday, May 12th on KMVT Comcast
Channel 15 @ 8:00 P.M.

NVTV – Simon Salinas – CA. Assemblyman (Distr. 28)

Cihuapilli Rose Amador and Sundust Martinez interviews Simon Salinas – California Assemblyman (District 28) on Native Voice TV.

Salinas speaks of some of the California Bills which will honor Native American sacred sites. He speaks of issues concerning ‘Mascotting, Gaming, Education and Housing.

Tuesday, September 2nd on KMVT Comcast
Channel 15 @ 8:00 P.M.

NVTV – Joe Coto (23rd District – California State Assemblyman)

Cihuapilli Rose Amador LeBeau
and Sundust Martinez interviews Joe Coto (23rd District – California State Assemblyman) on Native Voice TV.

Coto is an advocate for Native Americans. He authored the AB-26 which is ‘Honoring Native American Burial Grounds and ‘Sacred Sites‘. Coto explains the step by step procedure of various organizations must go through in order to allow any type of disturbance to encountered ‘Native American Artifacts and burial grounds.

Coto basically states its the correct thing to do to give ‘Respect and Dignity’ to the descendants. More information can be found on the California State Legal code: 5097.9 : “Interference with Native American Religion or Damage to cementers or places of worship.

Tuesday, August 19th on KMVT Comcast
Channel 15 @ 8:00 P.M.

NVTV – Lorenzo (Mescalero Apache) Part 2

Lorenzo 2

Cihuapilli Rose Amador and Sundance Martinez interviews Lorenzo (Mescalero Apache) a Visual, Literary and Performing artist on Native Voice TV.

Lorenzo continues to give his artistic experiences. On this show he states that ‘Artists’ tend to have a theme for a year or so. He explains to the audience his ‘Land Shark‘ art which was based on his visit to Maui, Hawaii.

LeBeau and Martinez asks Lorenzo about his half-hour educational films? Lorenzo mentions his films take the audience for 30 minutes to various parts of Native America. To learn more about the multitude of contemporary Native americans which help lessen the ‘Stereotyping’ of indigenous people of the Americas.

Tuesday, July 8th on KMVT Comcast Channel 15 @ 8:00 P.M.

NVTV – Lorenzo (Mescalero Apache) Part 1


Cihuapilli Rose Amador and Sundance Martinez interviews Lorenzo (Mescalero Apache) a Visual, Literary and Performing artist on Native Voice TV.

Lorenzo explains why he is a visual, literary and performing artist. He jokingly states that he is a ‘Professional Liar’ and he only will get paid to be one.

Lorenzo talks about the European stereotyping of Native americans in books, movies and all media. Lorenzo obtained his B.S. and M.A. degrees and was the first Native american to graduate from UCLA in Native American studies.

His accomplishments are brought up and his vision of reducing the European ‘Stereotyping’ of Indigenous people and his work in producing a nine episode series called, ‘Native America‘. This is a must see.

Tuesday, July 1st

on KMVT Comcast Channel 15 @ 8:00 P.M.

NVTV – Barbara Attard (Independent Police Auditor) San Jose, CA

Barbara Attard

Cihuapilli Rose Amador interviews  Barbara Attard (Independence Police Auditor) San Jose, CA on Native Voice TV.

Attard describes IPA’s as a permanent independent office of San Jose city government and its mission. Attard breaks down the IPA’s mission into four functions; 1) provide objective oversight of police misconduct investigations; 2) conduct outreach to the San Jose community; 3) propose city policy recommendations; and 4) strengthen the Police department with the community it serves.
This show is very interesting for it makes you aware of your rights as a citizen and who to file your police complaints.

The IPA has authority to audit each filed complaint versus choosing which filed complaint to the Police department’s ‘Internal Affairs’.
Below is a link to the 2013 IPA Year End Report, issued April 2014.


Tuesday, June 10th on KMVT Comcast Channel 15 @ 8:00 P.M.

NVTV – Donna Seaton (Washoe) and Ac’ aq Ester Stauffer (Alaska Native-Yup’ik)

Donna Seaton & Ester StaufferCihuapilli Rose Amador interviews two guests: Donna Seaton (Washoe) and Ac’ aq Ester Stauffer (Alaska Native-Yup’ik) on Native Voice TV.
Her first guest, Donna Seaton (Washoe) is of the Alameda Labor Coach Association. Seaton is administrative to the director of Native TANF Program in Oakland. She is a ‘Labor coach‘ and started when her younger sister was pregnant and alone. She labor coached for many decades and helped many women give birth.
Native Voice TV’s second guest is Ac’ aq Ester Stauffer (Alaska Native-Yup’ik), Deputy Director of TANF of Bay Area.
(San Francisco, Oakland, Stockton and San Jose, Calfornia). Their are about 30 staff members. TANF’s ‘Mission’ is to provide various services, in education and career advancement for Native american who are on the Alaskan and Californian role. TANF services is to empower each person to become self sustaining. Heavy emphasis in Education.
Stauffer speaks in her ‘Native‘ language about how they traditionally introduce themselves to others in a different village. She mentions that her introduction to others is to let them know what village and who her grandmother is. Stauffer speaks about the hazards of traveling between villages when the wind would pick up, temperature dropping below 60 degrees and with zero visibility. She speaks about her parents having an ‘Arranged Marriage’ in which is traditional in her tribe.

Tuesday, May 27th on KMVT Comcast Channel 15 @ 8:00 P.M.

NVTV – Craig Pasqua (Cherokee, Modoc, Paiute & Pit River)

Craig Pasqua

Cihuapilli Rose Amador interviews Craig Pasqua (Cherokee, Pit River, Modoc and Paiuteon Native Voice TV.

Pasqua was born in Tulsa and raised in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and his father is from California, Susanville Indian Rancheria. Pasqua majored in Social Science from Stanford University.

Pasqua is the chair of Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley, Board of Directors and Tennis Professional. Pasqua speaks about the non-profit corporation, Indian Health Center. This non-profit corporation provides health care and wellness services for relocated Native americans.

Pasqua mentions that their were only three Native american tennis professionals in United States. While Pasqua was a president of North American Indian Tennis Association. (500-700 members of the Native American Tennis players) Annually their is a National Tournament Championship and the Association have been trying to get into the United States Open (not successful to date).

The show provides much new information about the Indian Health Center.

Tuesday, May 20th on KMVT Comcast Channel 15 @ 8:00 P.M.

NVTV – Raine Crowe (Menominee)

Raine Crowe

Cihuapilli Rose Amador and Sundust Martinez interviews Raine Crowe (Menominee) on Native Voice TV. Crowe was born in Chicago but now lives in northern Wisconsin on the Menominee Reservation. He speaks about his hardships of transition between the urban Chicago and reservation life.

Crowe speaks about the time of the 1950’s of Relocation and how large the Menominne population was in Chicago up to the 1990’s. Now he says many Menominne’s have moved back to the reservation. Menominee has the largest Pow Wow in the eastern region.

Tuesday, May 13th on KMVT Comcast Channel 15 @ 8:00P.M.

NVTV – Chief Sunne Renya (Yaqui)

Chief Sonne Reyna

Cihuapilli Rose Amador and Sundust Martinez interviews Chief Sunne Reyna on Native Voice TV. Reyna begins speaking of world wide prophecies in which there is a resemblance of ending and beginning. He speaks of the beginning of ‘Human World Evolution‘ due to many world prophecies which have been told.
The human value of ‘Greed’ and ‘Selfishness’ will end and the Human World Evolution of ‘Respect’ and ‘Sharing’ will be mostly valued.

Tuesday, May 6th on KMVT Comcast Channel 15 @ 8:00P.M.

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