La Verne (LVTV 3)


La Verne ‘LVTV 3’ Community Television

Time-Warner Cable and Verizon Fios Educational Channel 3 is available to 6,000 household subscribers serving City of La Verne in the Pomona Valley.

Native Voice TV scheduled shows below.

Native Voice TV - LVTV (Time Warner) Channel 3 Public Station Show Schedule

NVTV - Mike Duncan (ConCow/Wailaki/Wintum) YouTube LinkThurs. July 208 PM3
NVTV - Dr. Miguel Hilario (Shipibo Nation) YouTube LinkThurs. July 278 PM3
NVTV - Corinne Oestreich: Oglala/Lakota-Blackfoot YouTube LinkThurs. Aug. 38 PM3
NVTV - Tony Redhouse (Navajo) YouTube LinkThurs. Aug. 108 PM3
NVTV - Al Cross (Hidatsa), Pat Brien (Chippewa) and Renita Pinkham Brien (Nez Perce) YouTube LinkThurs. Aug. 178 PM3
NVTV - Valentin Lopez, Tribal Chairperson of Amah Mutsun Tribal Band YouTube LinkThurs. Aug. 248 PM3
NVTV - Carlos Pérez (Mexica/Chicano), Artist YouTube LinkThurs. Aug. 318 PM3